isbi schools Marketing and Admissions Conference 2015

17th September 2015 – Notre Dame School, Cobham

The Head, the Heart and the Hands

“If you can get a person’s head, heart and hands all working together, then you have the person”

What influences people? What contributes to the way we think and make decisions?

The theme for this year’s conference is “The Head, the Heart and the Hands”, often seen as the three main motivational systems that influence people’s thinking and decision making. We will be looking at how we can develop marketing strategies and create effective communications both internally and externally that successfully amalgamate all three facets of thinking and communication to create an effective package of persuasion.

We have even more on offer with a jammed packed agenda full of seminars and workshops delivered by a hand-picked range of experts. Learn from real case studies from other schools and listen to some top class speakers.

This year we have made a change to our structure to allow for more choice and to enable delegates to tailor their agenda to suit their specific needs.

Following the keynote speaker addresses, delegates will have the chance to attend both seminars and workshops. You can choose to either focus on one key area by selecting from our wide range of workshops (numbers will be limited in each workshop to minimise size and hopefully maximise interaction) or to join one of our seminars delivered by highly regarded professionals from both inside and outside the sector.

Keynote Speakers

This year we have our very own Ant and Dec show! We are delighted to welcome Geoff Ramm (back by popular demand), and Steve Head, both award-winning speakers who will entertain and inform you in equal measures (and both Jordies)!

Geoff Ramm

Geoff is the creator and author of ‘Celebrity Service’ and ‘Observational Marketing’ and a multi-award winning keynote speaker who has inspired audiences across five continents. With a genuine passion and an infectious love of his subject, he’s humorous with original content and will challenge you to greater results.

Discover the gap in your service you never knew existed. You probably think you deliver great service, but then a celebrity walked in…and everything changed! Discover the brilliantly unique philosophy that is ‘Celebrity Service’. See the people and brands from all over the world who will inspire you and your school to create incredible customer service and word of mouth that have parents beating down your door for more. WARNING: Your customers will love you. Your competition will not. This Keynote and Interactive master class will have you scribbling ideas down to generate unlimited ideas to stand out from the competition

Steve Head

Winner of the top award from The Professional Speakers Association in 2014, he is known by his clients as a dynamic speaker with practical ideas that simply work!

Steve created the Steve Head Ltd speaking and coaching company following 16 years experience in the field of business management, people leadership and product marketing and training. His knowledge and skill take a broader spectrum when taking into account his experience as a top sports coach.

Small things make a big difference – Focusing on personal resilience and how to maximize performance and minimize self-doubt, his keynote address will take you on a journey of self-awareness that will increase your ability to:

  • Understand The power of a smile
  • Why we always become the way we ACT!
  • More positively impact on others
  • Minimise Conflict/ Improve relationships
  • Maximise personal and team performance
  • Learning strategies for overcoming challenges and failure
  • Understand the science of confidence

By the end of the session we promise you will feel uplifted, optimistic, and will be able to apply at least one idea immediately that will help you at a personal / team level.

Seminars delivered by:

  • Ian Yorston, Director of Digital Strategy at Radley College
  • Mike Farmer, Headmaster of St Teresa’s, who were winners of the best strategic initiative at the 2014 Independent School Awards

Workshops by:

  • Denise Russen, Independent Marketing and Communications Consultant, former Communications Director of Brentwood School
  • Simon Hepburn, founder of the website
  • Philippa Scudds, Director of Marketing and Communications, Canford School
  • Matthew D’Arcy, Director of Click-Recruit-Enrol and Click-Recruit-Engage
  • Dan Clarke, Director of School Website

This year we are pleased to welcome back School Website as our Headline Sponsor

We’ve had a great response from previous events. Have a look at some of the comments from last year on the website.

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